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X-101 Dispensary Building (Hospital)

X-102 CafeteriaX-102 was an employee cafeteria with dining areas that could be separated and used to host more private gatherings such as employee recognition dinners, or for guests visiting the plant. Breakfast and lunch were served each day to hundreds of employees. A rotating menu of items were served daily with limited short-order options. This facility served as a hub of activity where employees from around the plant would gather, and enjoy a warm meal and conversation with one another.

It was situated just west of the site of the X-100 Administration Building and north of the
X-101 site. The north end of the cafeteria was equipped with a kitchen, food storage, and food preparation area and the south half was the employee and guest eating area. The cafeteria was closed in 2012.

Completed in 1954

Demolished in 2012

19,000 sq. ft

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