Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant Virtual Museum

X-333 Process Building

  • two (2) floors
  • 65 acres of floor area (2.83M sq. ft.)
  • 1456 ft long, 970 ft wide, and 82 ft high
  • air compressors which are part of the plant air system
  • 160 process electrical substations which supply power to the stage motors
  • maintenance facilities, which contain shop equipment (mechanical, electrical, and instrumental) used in minor fabrication and rebuilding of components
  • four emergency diesel generators are strategically located to provide emergency power to selected valves, lights and such other special auxiliary equipment as seal-exhaust pumps, datum pumps, and rectifiers
  • lubricating oil system, which provides a continuous supply of oil for motor and compressor bearings
  • elaborate ventilation system provides the building with adequate pro¬≠tection for equipment and with suitable ambient conditions for personnel performance
  • truck alley and a railroad spur track extend along the east and west sides of the X-333 for the X-330 and X-326 buildings (west side only) for delivery and pickup of process equipment

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