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X-333 Process Building

X-333 Process BuildingConstruction of the X-333 started in 1952. The final unit was turned over on November 4, 1955. The X-333 building housed the largest of the enrichment process equipment. The facility housed eight units of 33 or “000” size (640 stages) equipment. Since the X-333 equipment served as the entry point for all feed material into the cascade, the equipment had to be larger in order to handle the increased capacities.

In addition to the enrichment services provided at the X-333, in 1987 a low-assay withdrawal (LAW) station located in the west central section of the facility was put into operation. Similar to the original product withdrawal system in the X-326, the LAW station used compressors to promote the flow of UF6 through condensers to liquefy the material before transfer to 10-ton cylinders for storage until it was transferred into 2½-ton cylinders at the X-344 facility for shipment to customers.

Completed in 1955

approx. 2.83M sq. ft. of floor space on two floors

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