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X-343 Feed and Sampling Facility

X-343 Feed and Sampling FacilityConstruction began in 1978 and the facility became operational on June 1, 1982. It was designed to vaporize UF6, which had been received in 10 and 14 ton cylinders in a solid state before feeding to the cascade for enrichment. It replaced the existing Feed Vaporization Facility, the X-342, which was shutdown for complete renovation in order to provide back-up feed and sampling capability. The new facility enabled this introduction of feed material at an increased rate under much safer and efficient conditions through the use of new high-pressure design steam autoclaves. The X-343 also included auxiliary services such as cylinder storage yards, truck and rail loading and unloading facilities and administrative services.

Completed in 1982

11,200 sq. ft. of floor space

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