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X-533 Electrical Switchyard

X-533 Electrical SwitchyardFACILITY INFORMATION

The Switchyard Complex consisted of several facilities that assisted in the distribution of electricity to the plant.
  • X-533A- 770,000 ft.2 equipment switchyard area
  • X-533B- Two story Switch Control room with two Switchgear Houses; received power from the switchyard transformers and fed that power to the underground distribution system.┬áThe X-533B supplied power to the X-333 Process Building and the X-633 Pump House.
  • X-533C- Test and Repair Facility was a general maintenance crew area for the yard maintenance equipment and for performing minor maintenance activities.
  • X-533D Oil House- Oil from transformers and circuit breakers is drained, stored, filtered, and refueled.
  • X-533E/X-533F Valve Houses- Below-ground head houses for fire water valves used to transition the fire water system from a wet to dry system for transformer fire suppression
  • X-533H- A 1200 ft.2 metal garage for SF6 storage and gas reclaiming cart garage.┬áCarts replenish circuit-breakers with SF6 and were also replenished at the garage.

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