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Local Impact of the Plant

The Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant has had a significant impact on southern Ohio. This section covers the impact the plant had during the construction phase in the 1950s.

Site Selection  |  Land Acquisition  |  Source of Workforce  |  Housing  |  Local Infrastructure  |  Schools  |  Transportation

Bill Flanagan, Retired Security Guard, Talks About the Economic Effect of the Plant in Scioto County.

Constance Eckhart, First Female Supervisor, Talks About the Plant's Impact Beyond Jobs and Economic Factors.

Tony Saraceno, Former Plant Chemist, Shares his Opinions About the Effect the Site had on the Local Communities.

Fran Francis talks about Pike Country during constructions, the impact of the plant to her own business and Bristol Village

Dan Minter discuss the improvement in labor relations over the years at the site

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