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Local Impact of the Plant

The Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant has had a significant impact on southern Ohio. This section covers the impact the plant had during the construction phase in the 1950s.

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Waverly received a Federal grant under Public Law 139 in the amount of $598,300 during the early part of 1953 for expansion of its sewage system and a loan of $75,000 in connection with expansion of the water system. The community of Waverly voted a bond issue of $600,000, which defrayed the major portion of the water program.

Piketon financed the construction of a water system entirely with its own funds through a bond issue of $230,000 and special assessments of $34,000. The village received a Federal grant in the amount of $390,000 for the construction of a sewage disposal system with a provision that services be extended at Federal expense to the temporary housing site.

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